STP uses the cutting-edge technology to develop advanced online platform and education software. Its flagship product, STP Class Kit, an advanced online education system, is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses or training programs for various after-school educational providers. It offers various features for Online Teaching, Social Connection, and School Management in addition to STP store’s e-commerce platform. In one single and reliable online learning management system, school administrators, teachers, students, and parents can achieve their own objectives.

Online course delivery can open a huge potential new market for after-school program providers to offer online classes and other educational services without a physical location limitation. STP Online Class Kit can help your organization to stay on top of technology and advance from your competitors. It can also boost your customer satisfaction by providing more accessibilities, convenience, and bring a much closer relationship between education providers and parents as well as students.

STP Class Kit help educators to deliver online courses in totally new ways with features that make it easier for educators to manage their teaching contents, personalize specific courses, connect with parents and students, and report to the school administration.


Instant and reliable communication among school administration, teachers, parents, and students are critical for the success of online education. STP Class kit offers straightforward but powerful social media application in its teaching and learning platform. School administrators can communicate with teachers, parents, students, or any designated groups by using text messaging function and school announcements; teachers can keep in touch with any students and their parents by a simple click in the class rosters, discuss some issues in a specific student group and/or parents group, post class announcements, or conduct real-time voice and video conversations. Parents and students can also share their information within their own chat groups. In summary, text messaging, voice, and video communications among various groups can be achieved in this single online education system.

How to efficiently manage teachers, students, and classes is very important for medium- and small-size after-school program providers. STP Class Kit offers many simple but useful online tools for your organization, for example, charge tuition and fees linked to STP Education Store payment system; manage school events with school announcement; maintain student and parent lists; assign courses to teachers with convenient course change alerts in calendar, track and communicate with teachers, students, and parents with various management and communication tools; collect teaching and learning data; maintain teaching and learning records, and generate school reports, and so on. Your organization does not need to purchase a separate school management system. Rather, you can finish your administrative job in this single but amazing STP Class Kit online education system.