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According to the U.S Department of Education, there are more than 50 million K-12 students in the United States, around 40 percent of them don't have access to quality educational opportunities, with many having no access to a computer science class or clubs at school. In addition, parents have discovered that having access to high-quality academic courses can prove challenging and sometimes not even available or affordable.

Parents often thin of all the education resources available to their children. There are an abundance of educational providers however, there is only one problem. They are scattered throughout the nation, predominantly in the eastern states, and students have no way of using them unless parents plan on spending up to thousands of dollars a year just sending their children to access these resources.. Then how about tutoring?

Still troubled by this, parents will usually continue with life as do their children, albeit several struggle tremendously academically. On several occasions, parents may attempt to contact teachers for information only to be buffered by a wall of promised future appointments. Teachers are not always available or able to respond as quickly as parents expect. Education quality heavily depends on the teacher. It is difficult for parents to have any involvement and provide support for their children’s education.

At the same time, many education providers cannot expand as quickly as they have no real or effective way of advertising themselves. Parents simply cannot find them. Even when they do, it is often too far a distance to transport their children there via car or they may just be located in a different city.

Because of this, SunNet Solutions resolved to create a platform where teachers and students could communicate over problems the pupils had, where parents could use resources available for their children readily at any time, and where teachers and parents could make the academic process as easy and productive as possible for their children.

STP Access is a premiere platform for learning solutions that deliver measurable results providing a pathway for parents, teacher, tutors, and even school districts to engage their learners like never before. STP Access makes it easy as 1-2-3 for any and all students to have access to much-needed courses.

With our new, revolutionary STP Access platform, you’ll…

  • Be empowered with the nation’s leading academic courses at significantly lower prices

  • Give your child or student the opportunity to be exposed to the “exact same” course material that the smartest and brightest students across the nation use to stay a step ahead of everyone else

  • Receive everything that your child or student needs to succeed…..and be able to learn it all right from the comfort of your own home