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C.B. Chadwick Memorial Scholarship in Liberal Arts

To provide four-year scholarships to students in the College of Liberal Arts who demonstrate financial need and who maintain a 2.5 GPA, with preference to students majoring in Government. The scholarship shall be awarded as a four-year scholarship beginning in his/her freshman year and continuing for each of the next three years of the student's academic career as long as the student is enrolled at UT Austin and maintains a 2.5 GPA. The scholarship will continue to be awarded even if the recipient changes majors and transfers to another College within UT Austin. Scholarship deadline is December 1.


    Applicants must:
    - Complete Essay Topics as required by the Office of Admissions.
    - Demonstrate financial need for consideration.
    - Answer all Family and Financial Information Questions in the Scholarships Section.
    - Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at: by March 15th.

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