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Maximum Independence Scholarship

Recognizing the ever-increasing need for financial assistance to help defray the cost of higher education, Goodwill Industries of Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas, Inc. (GoodwillSONT) will be awarding fifteen scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each in the spring to high school seniors. Our mission is to help people with disabilities and disadvantages achieve maximum independence; it is our hope that with our financial assistance, a few select high school seniors who aspire to continue their education can indeed achieve that dream. The application deadline is March 18, the number of awards is 15, and the maximum awards amount is $1,000. 

This scholarship is to be used towards tuition/class fees, books, and supplemental supplies that are required by class only (proof must be provided by school); it will not be used towards parking fees, library fees, etc. It is also to be used for the fall semester, unless another agreement is reached between GoodwillSONT and said applicant. Any unused portion will be returned to GoodwillSONT. If in the event that the student drops out of school, any unused portion will be returned to GoodwillSONT.


    -Be a senior in high school within the Goodwill Industries of Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas, Inc. service area: 
    -Oklahoma Counties: Caddo (south of E1130 Road only), Comanche, Cotton, Grady, Greer, Harmon, Jackson, Jefferson, Kiowa, Stephens, Tillman. 
    -Texas Counties: Archer, Baylor, Clay, Wichita, Wilbarger.
    -Be enrolling as a first-time student in a vocational-technical school trade school, or college, pursuing a certificate or degree, with a minimum of 12 credits per semester. 
    -Have a documented 15 hours of community service by applicant's service supervisor (be it with Goodwill, church, animal shelter, homeless shelter, local elementary school, etc.)
    -Have a documented disability, a demonstrated financial need, or both.
    -Be a U.S. citizen or legal resident of the United States


    Recipients should be able to serve in the Goodwill Ambassador Program, as individual limits allow. This could consist of attending a Goodwill event, submitting a note of gratitude to be used on social media, supporting Goodwill on Facebook, coordinating a donation drive, etc.

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