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Jain Foundation Social Media Scholarship

The LGMD Awareness Scholarship was designed to spread awareness of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophies, collectively known as LGMDs. To apply, follow the instructions and submit a post to spread disease awareness. The application deadline is May 25, the number of awards is 4, and the maximum awards amount is $3,000.

How to apply:
-Write a post on the Jain Foundation Facebook Scholarship tab or fill out the form above to teach your friends about LGMDs that includes one LGMD fact of your choice. Pictures are optional; you can use a picture from the gallery with a fact already included on it or you can design your own.
-Ask all of your friends to "Vote", "Like" and share your post on both Facebook and Twitter because the more people who vote for you, the higher your overall score. Please note that only votes count towards your score.
-Your post will remain available for voting until the Wednesday after you submit it. We recommend you submit your posts on Wednesdays because if you wait until later in the week, your post will not be visible as long.
-Each week, the top 4 scores will be posted on the Jain Foundation website and Facebook page.You may submit a post as often as you want to try to get one of the top overall scores using the same Facebook ID.
-Fill out the full online application form. This application must be filled out once in the application period. Students with a high number of votes who have not filled out the full application will be notified after the scholarship period ends that their application is incomplete until they fill out the form.


    -Current or former high school/college students
    -Between the ages of 17 and 30
    -Enrolled or will be enrolled in some form of higher education (including 2-year colleges, 4-year colleges/universities, graduate schools, law schools, medical schools and vocational schools) at an accredited US institution
    Selection is based on:
    -The number of votes received for a single post during a one-week time period
    -The single highest one-week voting score for each applicant will be considered
    -History of academic success

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