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HonorsGradU Multimedia Scholarship

For our 5 year anniversary, we will offer the same five creative multimedia options. However, to keep the competition fair amid increasing numbers of college applicants, we will adopt one change this year: The first four categories (art, creative writing, music, and photography) will be for high school seniors only, and videography will be for college applicants only. The application deadline is April 16, the number of awards is 5, and the maximum awards amount is $1,000. Pick a medium and read the requirements: Art; Creative Writing; Music; Photography; Video.


    -You must be a graduating high school senior that will be attending a college or university to continue your education or a currently-enrolled college student with a year or more remaining in your education
    -All U.S. students are eligible
    -High school seniors can apply in any or all of the 4 high school categories (art, creative writing, music, or photography), but there will only be one scholarship awarded per person. College students can apply only in the videography category, and may likewise submit more than one project, with only one scholarship awarded per person.
    -Your project must be original & creative. No plagiarism will be tolerated

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