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DEED Educational Scholarships

DEED offers four types of scholarships to full-time students accepted or enrolled in vocational schools or accredited colleges and universities, encompassing high school seniors through graduate students. They are: educational scholarships, student research grants, student internships, and technical design projects. 

Provides funding to support the education of students working toward technical careers that are in short supply and high demand by electric utilities.
The number of awards is 10, and the maximum awards amount is $2,000.


    -Targets high school seniors and undergraduate students pursuing a major/degree that could lead to an electric utility career
    -Target of 10 awards annually
    -Must be a full-time student at a vocational school, accredited college or university in the United States
    -Applications must be submitted to DEED by the required deadline
    -Transcript of student's academic record must be mailed directly to APPA by the authorizing entity by the required 
    deadline. Transcripts issued to students are not acceptable
    -Sholarship paid directly to student's university
    -Requires DEED member sponsor/mentor

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