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Create Real Impact Contest

Car crashes are the #1 killer of teens in America, and the majority are preventable. Create Real Impact motivates young people to promote innovative and effective solutions and strategies to end the deadly epidemic of reckless and distracted driving. Entries are accepted in four formats (writing, art, music, and video) with two special categories (Spanish language and sports theme). There are a total of 10 awards, ranging from $500 to $1,500. The application deadline is September 30, the number of awards is 13, and the maximum awards amount is $1,500.


-Video: 2 minutes max - uploaded to YouTube. It is required that the video be publicly accessible and Impact Teen Drivers is tagged. The description must include the entry name, appropriate cast and crew credits, and any back-story on the piece.

-Music: 2 minutes max, file uploaded directly to our website. The description must include lyrics for the song with all necessary performance credits, name of the piece, and any back-story on the work.
-Creative Writing: 100 words min, 600 words max - upload your original file directly to our website through the upload link on the registration page. Entries with less than 100 words and more than 600 words will not be eligible and will be automatically removed from consideration.
-Artwork: Artwork that can be used as a poster or as a t-shirt design - upload your file directly to our website through the upload link on the registration page. Entries using borrowed imagery must secure expressed and written permission for use within the piece as well as from Impact Teen Drivers. Please note: file size may affect your ability to upload the file


    -The contest is open to students (ages 14-22) enrolled in accredited high schools, trade schools, colleges, or universities.

    -The focus is on reckless and distracted driving. While extremely dangerous and highly illegal, entries focused on drunk or drugged driving will not be accepted.

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