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Creative Advertisement Award Video Project


Creative Advertisement Award Video Project


Aspiring College or high school videography students are invited to create a short film that best communicates the message and mission of STP Access.

STP is an educational web that creates a network between teachers and students that, allows students to find opportunities to expand outside of school, encourages parental involvement in ensuring the success behind each child, and become a better learning partner for students.

STP symbolizes the three groups vital to ensuring academic success for our children. The S stands for students, the building blocks and seeds for generations to come. The T stands for teachers who are the instructors, mentors, and role models who guide our children along each step of their journey. Finally, the P stands for parents, the ones who support and nurture these seeds that are essential to changing the world we live in today.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between parent-teacher-student communications. We aim to provide an education-based community where parents, teachers, and students can stay connected and exchange information in efforts to promote quality education to all students.


Objective: Students are expected to create a 5-8 minutes video to advertise the after-school education resources center at It has three major services: Volunteer/Internship, Community, and Store. Volunteer/Internship: Provide various online tools for business to post internship and volunteer jobs for college and high school students. Store (Coming soon): Attract Students, Teachers and Parents all around the world to attend national and international after-school programs in the U.S. with group-based low discount prices. Community: To closely connect Students, Teachers and Parents all around the world with various online learning, teaching, and social media tools.


Requirements: You can work on the videos individually or by group. STPAccess technology team will decide ONE WINNER. SunNet technology team will review your final video. The best one will be posted on STPAccess website and the winner will be awarded $500. The award winners and other interns can have an opportunity to continue to work with STPAccess.


Due date: The deadline for submitting the 5-8 minutes video is 11:59pm on Monday, 11/30. You can submit the video to Jerry Ning at


Additional Information: .MP4 format for the video is required. Copyright will belong to SunNet Solutions.

If you need any additional information regarding STP Access and/or have questions, please contact the Program Manager, Christy Estrada at


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